Important: Make sure that your opening hours are defined so your customers know what time they can find you and activate your bookable services. If you haven't added them yet, click here to learn how.

Do you offer a bookable service? This can be anything from a haircut, salon appointment to even a palm reading!


All you have to do is confirm that your service/product is bookable, and clients will be able to make bookings directly from your website. 

To get started, please watch the video guide below or read on for further instructions:


  1. To edit your site’s Services section, just log into your Business Hub.
  2. Click Sections and then click on Services
  3. Use this area to add, edit, or remove the services or products displayed on your website. 
  4. If you want to make your service bookable, simply tick the bookable checkbox to make any service bookable.
  5. When a customer clicks on a service you offer, a calendar will appear where they can book a specific day and time to avail of your service/s.
  6. To finish and save your changes, hit Save.

If you have any questions or need further help, please message our team here