Not sure what SEO means and why it matters? We promise, it’s all lot easier than it sounds. 

Simply put, SEO is the name given to all actions that improve a site’s search engine rankings. This means any changes made to a website that helps it get found faster on an online search. 

For instance, imagine a farmer called Fred. He has a site called

Fred decides he wants to rank higher in searches. To do this, he tweaks this and fiddles with that, and what do you know – his site rises up the rankings like a helium balloon.

How did Fred do this? Essentially, Fred's site climbed up the rankings because he optimized his site for search engines.

Pretty simple, right? 

Looking to improve your website's search engine ranking? 

The next question in your mind may be, well how do I get started with SEO? Click here to read our top SEO tips for business owners. 

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