Sharing your website on multiple social media platforms can improve your business' online presence and attract potential clients.

UENI has conveniently added social media buttons which enable you to share your website's link on the relevant social media platform!

To share your websites, log into your Hub

Under Share your page, you will find the options to share your websites on the following platforms:

  • WhatsApp: Send a WhatsApp message with the link to your website
  • Facebook: Share the link to your website on your Facebook profile
  • Twitter: Directly tweet the link to your website on your Twitter account
  • ✨ Linkedin: We recently added the option to share the link to your website from your Linkedin profile
  • Copy URL: This option enables you to simply copy your URL and share it on any platform of your choice. 

We hope that this feature will help you easily share your UENI websites with a wide range of audiences and enhance the online presence of your businesses!

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